Monday, November 9, 2009

....46 shopping days til Christmas....

~On our Afternoon walk~

I can't believe that the holidays are upon us!! Spring flew by, Summer breezed by, and Fall is happening as we speak...

I woke up this morning and looked out the window and there are pretty leaves all over the if Mother Nature had all the little fairies come through overnight and change the decor from Summer to Fall. (can you tell that I watch a little too much Tinkerbell?)

I think it hit me harder that the holidays are upon us...when Grandma talks about what to get the kids for Christmas...and then when we went to Toys 'R Us with the kids on Saturday night...yes!! The holidays are staring me in the face. But thanks to our trip to the "giraffe store", we now know what size bike to get for Dakota. He tried out a lot of bikes. Lily on the other hand...made our gift selecting a bit harder. Everything was "neat" to her. Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys. She would pick up everything she saw and touch everything with buttons. She did like the Furr Real Pets.

And the hard part is...
she has a birthday in 21 days!!
But at least, she is content with whatever.

Though last week was quite a stressful one, the calmer weekend helps to make the start of this week a bit easier. We spent the weekend at home..the kids playing outside and then we headed out to the park. From the park, we ventured to the video store to rent a game for Dakota to play on Grandma's Wii. Lego Star Wars. Saturday evening, Grandma watched the kids for Jed and I. And we headed out to get some sanity time...meaning time to hear ourselves think. We went out to eat. We went to a local Hamburger place..and realized that we were the youngest people there besides the baby at the table next to us. The food was wonderful. And the quiet dinner was even better. And then we finished up the evening, walking through the mall thinking of ideas for Christmas gifts.
We ventured back to Grandma's, picked up the kids and went to Toys 'R Us to see what the kids gravitated to...definitely helps in the gift giving area.

Kota running with the football

Daddy caught up with him..and knocked the football out of his hands

Miss Lily...playing at the park

Have some time with my family and then alone time with my husband definitely makes my Monday.

What makes yours??
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Lily riding in the down...we were acting like we were on a rollercoaster


Annie said...

You had a busy weekend. So glad you spend some time with your husband without kids.

What are your planning for Lily's birthday?

Have a nice week.

Cheryl Lage said...

Looks like SUCH fun! (and like Kota's Daddy is like Darren' easy run for the wee!)

Thanks so much for playing along with Makes My Monday!

The Davidson's said...

That recipe is very easy and is Yummie ! It is a huge hit at all of our family get togethers.
Thanks for stopping in and checking out my blog.
Have a great week.