Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ToTaLly RanDoM TuEsDaY!!

I'm still up..I was thinking of doing a Makes My Monday post..but knew that I would not complete it in the next 12 minutes before we rolled over to Tuesday, November 24.
I can't believe we are a month and 6 days shy of ringing in the new year...2010!!! Where has time gone??? The last decade must have flown by...because it seemed like I was just graduating high school. Yes! I graduated high school...in 2000!! I was so worried that mytassel would have 2 big zeros on it. My brother teased me that it meant I was a double goose egg...haha. But no, my tassel came and it read Class of 2000!! Hip hip hooray!!

Yes...random facts about me....very random...But when I can't sleep, I think. so...here goes for ToTaLly RanDoM TuEsDaY!!! 8 minutes into the next day already.

And today (well, yesterday, really)...you know what I was thinking about???

I think the neatest job ever would to be a garbage truck driver. Now, how random was that???
Just think of all the cool stuff you would find...other people's junk is somebody's treasure!! Now, don't worry, I'm not a pack rat or anything like that. But I have found some pretty cool stuff in the trash..or just sitting on the side of the road. My finds : an exersaucer (still being used to this day..might I add...thanks to Grandma for purchasing the spring to make it bounce right), a double stroller (sold that in a garage sale), a trike (the kids road the life out of that), a littletikes water table ( also, sold in a garage sale)....and the list could go forever.

Now, some things about the kids....Dakota has changed his coined phrase "all the day long" to "all the year long". I don't know what triggered it...but he that is what he is saying.
Lily is still using her "not know" phrase when you ask her where anything is...or about anything. Tonight I asked her, "What is your name, Lily?" and she responds with shoulder's shrugged and hands out, "not know". So...I'm thinking now, we need to teach her a new phrase.

We are getting ready for the holidays here...Dakota thinks that Santa is called Christmas...so anytime he sees anything Santa..."there's Christmas, Mom". This Christmas should be a hoot!!

Thanksgiving is just a stone's throw away....I am ready for a break...to just sit and eat...and that is what we plan on doing on Thursday...sitting for our drive to Great Uncle Millard and Great Aunt Sue's. And then eating all the yummy foods.

And I think...I might venture out with my sister and join all the crazies early Friday morning...I don't know if I am really ready to do that..but I am going to jump in with both feet!!

Lots of randomness from me...so...it's your turn...be random..and Leave a comment...even if it is a "Have a wonderful Holiday!"

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