Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Thanksgiving 2009


Thanksgiving 2009 was spent in Stamps, Arkansas. We packed up early Thursday morning and headed to Gilmer to meet up with Boo, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Samantha, and the girls...and then the trip started for Arkansas. It didn't take very long...about 2 1/2 hours and we were there.

We were at the Burke Farmhouse...very nice!! Great Uncle Millard and Great Aunt Sue live there. We got there just in time to take a walk around the yard, see Sugar and Dolly (horse and cat)...and get some football throwing in.

The Burke Siblings: Leonard, Patria, Gloria, and Millard

Lilyann and Kota at the kids' table..with their cool plates

Kota sitting up on Sugar..with the help of Uncle Jerry

♥Lilyann and Katie

There was quite a bunch there at Aunt Sue's house....Let's see if I can remember everyone: Great Uncle Millard, Great Aunt Sue, Great Aunt Gloria, Great Uncle Wayne, Clayton (Gloria and Wayne's grandson), Great Uncle Leonard, Great Aunt Georgia, Boo, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Samantha, Jerilyn, Katie, Brooke, Jed, myself, Dakota, and Lilyann. And all the food was...
♥Oh! so yummy!!♥

The one moment that always has me in awe is that moment of silence..when everyone is stuffing their faces.

After dinner, we took a walk down the road...very pretty area. The kids fed Sugar carrots and apples...and some hay. Then they were able to climb up in the loft of the barn. Lots of fun.

Kota playing with the leaves

Aunt Sue helping Lily feed Sugar

Jed and the kids up in the loft

We headed back inside and found a few Burkes sleeping..It's common to find a Burke sleeping..especially after a big dinner. So, we found the other Burkes and got them to pose with Great Uncle Leonard. Nothing like creating some sweet memories...Too bad Great Uncle Alfred couldn't make it to join in.

The Sleeping Burkes

Thanksgiving was a great time spent with family.

Brooke and Lily out on the porch swing

Thanks to Great Uncle Millard and Great Aunt Sue for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Annie said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving with family.

Have a nice weekend.

"Grammy" Sue B said...

THANK YOU, Joy, for bringing your family (and broccoli rice casserole!) to Stamps, Arkansas on Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had a fun time, and now that you/Jed know the way we look forward to seeing you sometime again!
Love, Aunt Sue