Monday, March 29, 2010

Makes My Monday: Hot Water and Spontaneous Family Fun

Lily and Daddy

Modern conveniences

How much do they really affect our lives?

Oh! I could get by without a cell phone for a few problem. Internet/ Computer---that is one that I use everyday..don't know how that would go without it but I think I could manage. The would just take a bit longer to heat up the kids' corn dogs...but we would manage. Now....Hot Water...that's a whole other story. We were only without it for less than 36 hours....but wow!!! what a difference hot water makes. Friday night, after putting out everything for the yard sale, I came home looking forward to a hot bath. I started the water and went to get a change of clothes, pull out some towels, etc. I step into the tub only to be greeted by frigid water. Brrrrr!!! I had to wake up Jed to check on the water heater...He relit the pilot light and said it would warm up in a bit...No siree!! it was just that much colder. Anyways....I got my hair washed....and figured...It will be nice and warm tomorrow after the yard sale. Nope!! something was up with it. It looked like it needed a part replacement that would cost $140. It looked like we wouldn't have hot water until at least Monday night....okay...I could deal...baths at Grandma's for the kids and I could just shower at the gym after my workout. Well, Sunday afternoon/evening, Jed and Grandma went to Lowe's and Home Depot...pricing Hot Water Heaters...and they met a nice man at Home Depot...He asked Jed what was wrong with ours...Jed told him...and the man told him to take off a certain part, blow it out and put it back on.
Well.........................................Viola!!! it worked!!!
Never in my life have I appreciated a Hot Bath so much. That man that works at Home Depot deserves a raise...anyone to go out of their way to help you improve what you already have and not force you to spend more money is a hero in my book.

The kindness of others and the determination of my husband makes my Monday!!

My husband is certainly turning into quite the handyman. He has become quite the mechanic from working on our cars....he has a little carpentry in him as well...and he latest project is redoing the floor of his boat...he is almost finished with this project...and just in time for fishing on the lake. But I think his greatest accomplishments are Dakota and Lily. He is the best dad.

Today, he called us...just out of the meet up with him for lunch (since he was ahead of schedule). We went to McDonald's...the kids were so excited because we were actually eating inside by the play place...not just pulling through the drive-thru and taking it home. It was fun and definitely a change in schedule that we all needed. Spontaneous family time is always needed and enjoyed.

Lily with Daddy...chowing down on Chicken nuggets

Dakota...took a few minutes from playing to have some chocolate milk

really cool play place

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Annie said...

The playplace is wonderful. Definitely, the kids had a great time.

Have a wonderful week.

Cheryl Lage said...

We LOVE the playplaces...and that one looks particularly fun! (Dakota looks about to pop with glee!) Gosh, I better take my growing two before they get to big!

Such fun is DEFINITELY a MOnday Maker...thanks so much for playing along!