Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Calendar Girl

Guess what! I won a calendar! Now, I know you are thinking...whoopie! a calendar...every business has been giving those out since Christmas in preparation for the new year. Well, this calendar is special. It is a Saving Little Hearts Calendar. I won it on a giveaway from KiddiesCorner Deals. What makes it even more exciting is that Lily is in this calendar. I had submitted her picture, as did many other mommies submitted pictures. Well, when the link to view the new calendar was available, I looked all over for Lily's picture. I never saw it...and then it just slipped my mind to actually purchase a calendar (even though it is for a good cause).


I found Lily....she is on the December 2010 page...on the top row!! It's official...she's a Calendar girl!
It never really hits you until you see all the pictures of those effected by Congenital Heart Defects. A friend that runs the Saving Little Hearts in TN recently posted that she just shipped out 150 care packages for kids having open heart surgery. Super duper Wow!!! That is alot of families affected by CHD's.

Now, to offer a plug about something else. An least, new to me.
Here name is Lysa TerKeurst. She wrote a book called The Bathtub is Overflowing but I Feel Drained. A Book on how to defeat Mommy Stress. I'm 2 chapters in...and quite impressed with this book. Just wanted to share with all my mommy readers out there.

On a different note.....we are finally having some sunshine.

Dakota has figured out his bike. He is not used to having brakes on his it took a bit for him to learn. He finally rode down a hill the other day on his bike and used his brakes on the way down.

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Annie said...

Congratulations, so excited!!!

Do you need sunshine and hot days don't worry I'm sending both to you tomorrow, here is too hottttttt.