Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yard sale

Just some of our stuff...the kiddos are in the background

Today should have been our 2ND kite flying adventure (It was quite the windy day)...but we had a yard sale.

I stuck with it what my sister suggested and just ran with it. My sister (the same one who was here last week) helped me pull together all the kids' baby stuff...and get it together for a yard sale.

It was kinda bittersweet...letting go of the stuff they used when they were oh! so small. But I stuck with it....and put it out at my Mother-in-Law's yard sale. We (my MIL and I) have been putting together yard sales for the past few we have accumulated a wide variety of items...mainly baby/toddler stuff...but still...we have a nice selection.

It was different with the sale today. We thought all the furniture items would go first...but the cribs never did sell. It seemed as if all the items that we have had from past yard sales were the items to go this time. Which was is money.

Lily and Dakota helped out, too...Dakota helped moving some things around (gotta get some use out of his strong muscles somehow). And Lily re-organized...she would pick up something from one area and put it in another area.
While sitting with Grandma, Lily fell asleep....Running a yard sale is tough work.

Our sale ended...and we made a good amount $$. Yard sales are fun.

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Annie said...

So glad you sold some items and made some money.

Enjoy the weekend.