Friday, March 12, 2010

Smith briefing

Lilyann with Tooter (my sister's dog) I was sitting here wondering why the antihistamines aren't kicking in...I realized that it's a been a few days since I posted anything on the blog.
Life is going pretty good right now...the kids are being kids...sibling fights seem to be a regular occurrence in our house. But they do tend to say their sorry and offer hugs without our prompting.

I have started potty training with Lily...nothing fierce. I have her in just panties for a few hours throughout the day. She knows what the potty is...where pee pee and poo poo go...and that there are rewards for going on the potty. Today was funny...she was in a diaper (since we were out running errands before) and she had made a stinky (or as we call it...a yuck yuck). And I asked her if she was "yuck yuck"...she runs to the potty chair in the hallway and sits down. So...she is getting the concept down...hip hip hurray!!

Dakota is doing good...getting more independent each day. He is starting to try and mix up his own chocolate milk these days. He did okay...but he spilled the Nesquik. We only found out when he came outside on the front porch to ask for help. He couldn't get the broom to work to sweep it all up. But hey! he's trying!

The kids at their new table...I finally put it together instead of waiting to put it together once the bunk beds arrived. They LOVE it!!

The kids' room makeover will soon be complete...we are just awaiting the arrival of their bunk beds. It seems as if everyone is spending their tax refund on furniture this year...because the furniture store we ordered them from is having a hard time getting them in. **fingers crossed** that they arrive before my sister gets here. Oh! wait...I didn't tell y'all about that...did I?

My sister, Tammie, (yes, the one who came for Christmas) is coming to Texas to stay with us for a week. Her co-worker is making a trip out this way to see her mother who has Stage 4 cancer (please pray for the co-worker's mother) and Tammie is going to be her ride along. That means....sometime, next week, Aunt Tammie will be here. Dakota is excited for her to see his new room...and he hopes she gets to see his new bunk beds (if they ever arrive).

Coloring before bedtime...Lily really LOVES this table

Jed is working...and sleeping. It seems lately that either one person is off or it means that Jed has to dump and load his truck for the next day....adding a few more hours to his daily work. So, it has him coming home tired...and usually just in time for dinner. I Love him...he is such a hard worker. And I am so happy that the weekend is here...he's off!! woohoo!!

Me...I'm here....keeping house. It's fun...I have my bad days and good days.....lately, the bad days tend to be winning...but I'm working on it. The seasons are changing..which has my allergies in swift rebuttal. The pressure is intense...I seem to always have a Puffs tissue close by. And at night time, Thank God for Chloratabs...they help me least, they usually do...tonight, they are keeping me up (that is why you have this lovely post!! ♥ antihistamines!!)

That's life at the Smith house...what's happening with all my fellow bloggers?!

Oh! and don't forget about Time Change...we get to lose an hour of sleep...Spring Forward!

I had more pictures from this week...but they are on the camera and it is half way across the room...maybe I will load some of them tomorrow for Saturday Snapshots.

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Annie said...

Oh girl, you are so busy!!!

Hooray, for the process of potty training.

Enjoy the weekend.