Monday, March 8, 2010

Makes My Monday: Project Room Makeover

Fun times with paint

We painted the kids' room this weekend. It was kinda an all day project...we cleared out the room (except for the beds) and then taped and wiped down walls...and then the painting started. Kota helped a little bit...Lily just watched..until I let the kids out in the backyard. So, Jed and I painted while the kids played. We went from a tan to blue. Kota loves the blue room...he says it's a boy room now. As soon as the kids' bunk beds arrive, then the room project should be completed. Both kids will have quilts like what is on Kota's bed in the after picture. And they will have room for table and chairs in their room. A place to color, put together puzzles...whatever activities they want to do.

It is different walking in and seeing Blue...almost our whole house is painted it is a nice change.

In between waiting on the coats of paint to dry...we went to Grandma's and helped with yard work. Kota mainly played with D.O.G (grandma's cat) and then helped pick up sticks. Lily helped pick up sticks and bag up the leaves. I guess I am more out of shape than I thought (even with going to the gym on a regular basis)...because all of Saturday's activities had me sore on Sunday. Each task using different muscles is all I can gather.

Lilyann..not too fond of the noisy lawnmower

Lilyann...picking up sticks...she was carrying this over her head

Kota riding his bike on Grandma's driveway

Lilyann and Daddy...having fun on the trampoline. This was after the 2ND coat

We had a fun, eventful weekend....Working together.

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Annie said...

The room looks so beautiful. I like to do makeover around the house because it look like a new one.

Have a wonderful week.

PS:Do you buy something on my store today?

Cheryl Lage said...

The blue is so vibrant and beautiful! LOVE it! And speaking of vibrant and beautiful, look at those smiles on Lilyann and Daddy--what a fantastic picture.

Your weekend shared Makes My Monday. Thanks so much for playing along!