Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's hear it for Lily!!

A little potty training update:
This big potty success comes on the heels of Lily actually peeing in the potty, but still wearing her panties while doing it...I mean, what can I say? No, don't go pee on the potty wearing your panties...she is getting the part to go potty, but not the part to get her panties is what happened yesterday.

I had Lily in panties most of the day yesterday...she REFUSED to wear a pull up when we went to the gym, but the ladies at the daycare were understanding. Lily stayed dry the entire time...woohoo!!

Anywho, we came home and Lily went pee pee a little in her we had her take them off and get a new pair....she did, but not before she went pee pee all by herself on the potty...She was so proud. She came running into the living room, "I made water in the potty".

yay!! just had to share


Annie said...

Definitely, potty training is a huge process. She is going to do it soon.

Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...