Thursday, August 26, 2010

He's Lovin' It!

Day #3 of school

We are at day #4 of school for Dakota...yesterday, I fell asleep after I turned off my alarm...and who woke me up? Dakota!! saying "Mommy, are you going to take me to school?" thankfully, it was still 45 minutes til he had to be at school, but to see that he was actually wanting to go to school...that is awesome!

Dakota walking into school

Lily now looks forward to getting "Kota at cool"....yesterday, as we were sitting in line to get Kota, she could see him playing on the playground. She was so happy to see her brother.

Dakota got a yellow card yesterday...for Super Student! yay! he was so distraught when he couldn't find the yellow card in his bag...he was searching through every pocket...finally he found it and proudly shared it with me.

Lily is doing better on the potty...still not fulled potty trained..but Tuesday, Lily was in panties ALL day and no accidents...unless you count going potty behind the tree in the backyard (only because she squatted but didn't take her panties off)

Needless to say, this has been an eventful week for us all.Align Center
Lily having some evening fun....Her and Kota were jumping on the trampoline and I snapped this picture of, if I could only snap a clear jumping that possible?

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Annie said...

I'm so happy that Dakota is having a great time at school.

Joy, our kids are growing so fast (sniff,sniff).

PS: Yes, I do monogrammed shirts for boys. Same price as the girls ($10).