Monday, August 9, 2010

Spontaneous weekend fun

Lily holding a bird on her seed stick with Grandma's help

Alexis, Dakota, and Lily

our photo the zoo
we usually get at least 1 picture of the kid(s) on this rock when we go

This weekend, we went to the was a spur of the moment trip. But thanks to Grandma who got us all season passes to the zoo back in April, we can now go whenever we want. We went with Grandma, Aunt Brittiany, Lexi, and Jed was even able to go this time. It was nice and hot and after awhile a bit humid...but it was better than the weather we were having in our hometown at the time. We left heavy rain at home and headed out to the sunshine about 45 minutes away.

Lily was tired but thankful for the wagon

And do you know what we found out this trip??? that our zoo is getting a Black Bear exhibit!! Dakota was so excited when I read the sign to him about the new animals coming to the zoo. He really enjoyed seeing the black bear cubs when we were in Georgia with my Aunt, we will have some here, too.
Myself and my sister in law with our birdies

My accessories...the birds love my shoe laces..and were at one time congregated around...this did not set too well with Lily. She was completely overwhelmed by this..she thought the birds were hurting me

finishing out our day with lunch

and of course, a sleeping picture...I think this is a ritual for us...but I didn't get one of Kota

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