Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st day of school

Dakota and Lily..in our front for a picture before we left to go to school

When you are holding your little one in your arms for the very 1st time, it doesn't even cross your mind that in a short 4-5 years, you will handing off your precious one to someone else. You will say "see you at 1-1-o-o, right here, I love you."

I thought for sure that I would be in tears the 1st day, but I think that I was more nervous to even think about tears. We pulled up to the Pre-K drop off lane...and we were the only ones there...everyone else decided to just walk their kids in...but since the administration preferred our just dropping off and driving away...I stuck with the plan we already had set. I pulled up, the teacher's helped opened Kota's door...he got out...and put his backpack on....and then looked up at me in bewilderment "What? you aren't coming with me, Mommy?" oh wow!! way to lay it on thick, Kota!! Thankfully, the teacher's helpers have experience...she started talking with Kota and walking away at the same time. He did look a bit sad...especially when the helper had him turn around for a picture for Mommy. I thought he might bolt to the van and tell me to "DRIVE!" but he stayed strong and turned and walked hand-in-hand with the helper to his class.

He was a bit uncertain at first

Walking into school like a Big Boy

I don't remember the emotions that I went through when I went to Pre-K...but maybe I just wanted to be like my older brothers and sisters...maybe that made it easier...you think?!

The pick up was a happy occasion...Dakota was standing waiting for me..and he was all Smiles. He had a great time...He told me about a girl in his class named A-lesh-e-a (that is what he said)..and that he ate 2 pancakes and had milk and juice at breakfast. He told me that it was a LONG walk to eat breakfast, but they all walked in a straight line like Mrs. Wright told them to do. He said that there was a scary boy on the playground....that the boy was being scary in the tree house. So I told him, "If the boy is being mean, then you need to tell Mrs. Wright or her helper" And he replies "I'm not scared of that boy! I just slid down the slide really fast and ran to the other playground!" I love it!!

He was so happy after his 1st day at school

Dakota talking to Grandma about his 1st day at school

It was quite a fun first day...for us all.

Today went so well, it had me in tears. Why is that, you ask? Well, because, Dakota acted so needy at home...crying about how he wanted to stay home and play and then go to "stomp time" and NOT go to school. Well, I got him in the car...all the while thinking...wow! it's gonna be rough at drop off. But as soon as we got in line for drop off, Dakota starting talking about his friends at school and how that was probably them getting dropped off in front of us. So, I ran with this conversation. I asked if he thought I could play on the playground today...he quickly tells me, "No, mom, that is just for kids!" Then we pull up, the helper opens the van door, Kota gets his backpack on...kisses me and says "Bye, Mom"...and walks into class all by himself. Yes, this is where it brought tears....My little guy seemed to grow up in 24 hours....in the blink of an eye.

Pre-K is our new adventure...and Dakota is taking it on wonderfully.

Here is a picture of the "ready" confetti under his pillow

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