Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swinging around

Lily loves playing with Dakota...she enjoys her time with mommy, too. But when I asked her today if she wanted to go get Kota from school, she said "kota at playground?" We usually make it to the pick up line just as Dakota and his class is finishing up their playground time. Lily sits in her carseat with her little binoculars on and looks for her Kota. She usually finds him, too.

After we picked up Dakota today, we came home and went outside to play...swinging is always fun...and that is just what Dakota and Lily did. They got on their bellies and twisted their swings and then spun around...surprisingly no one kicked another or bonked heads.

Dakota didn't just limit his fun to the regular swings, he ventured to the tire swing and climbed on for a great time. It amazes me each day to see the change in both children. They both act like little adults (sometimes) but then there are those sweet moments like when Kota crawls up into my lap and says "I love you, Mommy"...or when Lily says "hold me" and you pick her up and she gives you a duck kiss.

It makes the long days worthwhile....gives me that little bit of gumption to stay at it.


Annie said...

What a great afternoon they had.

Laura said...

I love pictures of kids swinging in tires...they make it look so fun and "good old days."