Monday, August 2, 2010

Heat Advisory

I'm melting over here!!

It's so freaking hot...let's see, the temperature from the weather channel said 99 degrees with 28 % humidity...and then by the time I got home, it was 100 degrees, but feels like 108. I agree. The heat outside puts me in no mood to cook or listen to the kids bicker. But cook I must and be the go between for the kids...all the while washing dishes and telling myself that one day...yes, one day...I will have a dishwasher and the kids will load it for me...while I can sit and have a cold of ice cold sweet tea! Awwww....just thinking about it calms me.

~~the above was started yesterday afternoon...when I had a few moments~~

And now, today, I just got an email from our local news station for today weather alert....We are under Heat Advisories for today and the rest of the week...It doesn't look like it will be below 100 this week unless it's after the sun goes down.

So, lots of early morning running around and afternoon activities indoors.

On another note, I am registering Dakota for Pre-K tomorrow...I hope he gets accepted. It will be so beneficial to him and myself (seriously, I think he is too bored here at home all the time) we will see. I will let you all know what transpires tomorrow.

As for Vacation Post #3...I will get around to it...sometime soon. I am working on a photobook of our vacation through Picaboo..they are offering a free hardback photobook ($39.99 value) through August 31st. I think I have to pay shipping, but that's not too bad.

goggled faced Lily

and Dakota as well...they seem to be quite fashionable on him, though.


Annie said...

At least with some water the problem is solve.

Heather said...

Stay cool! Love the swimmer pics!

Laura said...

It may be hot but your kids look ADORABLE.