Friday, March 23, 2012

Another test...GREAT results

Lily...waiting to have her MRI

Lily...after her MRI

Lily had another test done. It was an MRI.

We were up super early to be at the hospital for it. And of course, Lily wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.

We arrived at 6:15am, checked in. And then headed to our holding room. Lily got to watch cartoons while we waited. At 7:30am, they gave her the silly medicine. (this stuff makes her so smiley and silly) And at 7:48am, they started the MRI.
She did fantastic. No problems with waking her up...but the meds had her trying to catch whatever she thought she saw flying around her head. :)

We got the results back later that day. And GREAT results at that. The MRI showed everything was completely normal. It was a perfect MRI. They could still see the sinus infection she is currently being treated for (hoping this round of antibiotics will get rid of it).

The pediatrician still wants to send off this test and the EEG off to a pediatric neurologist. Get their eyes to look it all over and see what they think. I'm hoping we won't have to head back to Dallas for a visit to these Dr's. It would be great and they could give us answers just by looking at the test results.
So, until then....we have some peace of mind.

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