Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pray for Lily

It's been a crazy last 36 hours.

Friday was played well together. We even all ventured out to Target to pick up a kiddie pool for these warm afternoons we've been having. After all the outside fun, the big kids came in for lunch and a rest. All was good. Leia was down for a nap, Lily had just fallen asleep on the couch, Kota was watching cartoons, and I was finishing folding the laundry. Then I see Lily doing this repetitive movement. I go over to see what's happening. She is half covered with her blanket. I call her name...nothing. She is pale, her eyes are rolling back, she is making this weird noise in her throat, and she is just twitching with arms flailing. I'm holding her still and talking to her while asking Kota to get me the phone. We call Grandma (she works at a hospital) and she advises me to bring her to the ER. Lily's seizure has stopped and she is just laying there. Dakota helped out by talking to Lily and watching her. I get Leia in her carseat, grab Lily and the bag, and get Kota in the van.
We get to the ER, they are waiting. Tests are run. Lily is not happy. She is finally coming out of all this and absolutely terrified.

The dr's confirmed it was a seizure but all her tests came back fine.
We had an EEG today and we should get the results back on Monday.
Please pray for our Lily. I don't know the reason for what is happening but I know that God is in control.
I've had this scene play through my mind for the last day. I figured I'd sit down and get it all out.
I'm completely terrified. I'm worried with any sudden move that Lily makes. This is something I'd never wish on anyone.

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Annie said...

OMG, Joy. Praying for Lily.