Monday, March 19, 2012

a small update

Can I just say, Whew!
I feel like I've been running a mile a minute since I left to go to the dr's office.
Results still are not in from the EEG (brain scan). But Lily's CT scan from the hospital showed that she had a SEVERE sinus infection. So much mucous and in the deep pockets of her sinuses. She also have an ear infection. These 2 factors could have cause Lily to have a febrile seizure (kinda what I am hoping). But the dr is NOT happy with Lily's EKG that the hospital did. It shows some kind of blockage and she wants Lily to be seen by her cardiologist in Dallas ASAP. :/
So, we are off to Dallas tomorrow with Lily. Hopefully, we will get all good news from the cardiologist and from the brain scan (whenever those results are ready).

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Annie said...

Thanks for the update.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.