Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EEG results


Lily's EEG came back with a probability of having another EEG in a few weeks. There is something that showed up on it from the left mid frontal region that the Dr didn't like (this is the Dr who reads the test). And as Lily was falling asleep during the test, there was some unusual activity. The pedi didn't understand the neurologist's jargon as to why he thought the activity was unusual. But she wants me to call 911 if another seizure happens since they can administer anti seizure meds faster than my driving Lily back to the ER. :/

The pedi wants an MRI done..Lily will have to be sedated for this. And then she wants to refer us to a seizure clinic in Dallas.


The MRI is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:15 am. I am hoping this is the last test for awhile..and praying we get some answers.

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