Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daily Lessons from the Kiddos

oh, these children of ours....Let me tell you all the fun stuff we have learned today.
First off...Lily's take on green lights and what she's learning at school:
Lily: "Mom, another green light. YAY! do you know why we get green lights, Mom?"
Me: "No, Lily, why?"
Lily: "We get green lights because we have good faces and good arms"
Next thing you know, we hit a red light. I asked her what that meant and she was still content with her green light answer. :)
As for what she's learning in school...It's Ocean Week at school. All about the Ocean. Today, she was telling me (all wide eyed with excitement) that "Whales are as big as the hallway at school"  and "great white sharks aren't big like whales but they bite with their teeth and make your arms and legs make blood...it's scary, but your arm and leg will grow back, Mom."  
Wow!! thankfully, she's shy about large bodies of water still. 

Secondly, Dakota learned about "Want" and "Need" today.
"A want is something that you want. And a need is something that you need."  Deep, huh?! ;)  Jed went on to explain the difference between a want and need. 

Lastly, Jed and I decided to take the kids to the splash pad this evening. I told the kids when I picked them up from school that we were going to go somewhere special as soon as Dad gets home. They were somewhat excited and wanted to know to the secret place. I just told them that they would find out and let's get to cleaning the house. They picked up a bit...when Dad came home, they picked up everything quickly. So, off to the splash pad we went. They had lots of fun. We didn't stay for too long....wind accompanied the evening sun. Brrr! 
During the dinner, we talked with the kids about how much fun we ALL had tonight all because they chose to Obey. It was their choice to Obey and get rewards or Disobey and get nothing. (the rewards were splash pad, and ice cream sandwiches after dinner) Dakota really enjoyed this discussion and understood. Lily was just all about the ice cream Sandwich...that's all she got from our little conversation. And Leia...well, she can say "chocolate" as clear as day...hmmm!! she's a girl after my own heart ♥

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