Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's the little stuff that makes us thankful

 Lily's plant is growing!! She made this at school and brought it home. It was dirt for a bit. I really thought she had dumped the seed out with the most of dirt that I found in the backseat...I guess not. She's super excited.

 Lilyann making silly faces last night. We were waiting on the storm to move through. We only lost our satellite reception last night. We are blessed. The kids were a bit bummed that we didn't all sleep in Dakota's closet but I was so happy. The weather forecasted for our area was rather daunting. I'm glad we were over prepared and nothing happened besides rain, high winds, and typical storm weather. Our temperature did drop from 95 to 68 within a matter of minutes. That temperature dropped saved us. It would have been one fierce storm. My heart goes out to those hit by the storm on Monday in Oklahoma.

 The oldest and youngest are the best of friends. ♥ 

And one more, just because I'm a cool mom. Yes, I snapped a picture before helping out the dear child. I was enjoying my coffee and I hear "Mooooooommmmmmy!!!!" I go to investigate and come across this. I admit, I laughed. She's Miss Independent til she needs help from Mommy. And that's why I love her.

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