Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day memories

On this Memorial Day weekend, numerous memories run through my head. I want to share traditions with my children to make them remember the importance of this holiday.
Dakota was talking with his daddy about what this holiday is all about. Dakota thinks it would be cool if those that fought for us could all come back and we could all have a carnival for them on Memorial Day. ♥ I love the way that kid thinks.

Lily is kind of grasping the meaning of Memorial Day. She kept asking today why all the flags were "short". It took me a second to understand that she was talking about the flags at half staff.
We talked a little about soldiers leaving their families to go and fight for our freedom (the choice to do what we want...go to church, drink a sweet tea, play with our brother and sister). That sometimes, these soldiers don't come home to their little girls and boys. Sometimes they die (and she asked if they go to Heaven in the clouds with God). They die so that we can be free. She really felt that it was sad that they died but she is happy that they are in the clouds with God. Then she was all happy about her sweet tea. I know she doesn't understand everything; but I feel she understands more than we think. 

Memorial Day for me not only reminds me about those who fought for our freedom and those that are still fighting for our freedom but also reminds me of family. Memorial Day was when my Dad didn't have to go work. He would fire up the grill. It was one of those older brick BBQ grills. I loved it. The time spent together as a family. When holidays roll around, it brings up memories of home and my family. I wish I could spend my time with them, but I know that now I have my own little family and we are making new memories here. When these memories come up, it gives me a teeny smidgen of how little kids deal with their daddies and mommies being overseas. I know, it's not comparable. But it makes me think of my friends with little ones now and they have to leave them to keep us safe.
Thank you ♥ We owe you everything.

This weekend, also brings the memories of celebration. Jed and I married each other 9 years ago on this holiday weekend. I can't believe it's been 9 years. Amazing that we haven't killed each other yet. He is truly a great man to put up with my antics ;) It's been 9 years of ups and downs. Apartment life. Buying a house and finding out the week we closed on the house, that we were going to parents. Having a baby. Going from 2 full time jobs to 1 full time job. Finally settling in as parents and Baby #2 arrives with a Congenital Heart Defect. Life going great. Hubby gets a new job. Parents of 2 is getting easier and then Baby #3 makes her debut. 
I think from now on, I won't talk about life being good and the parents finally managing with the kiddos...because it looks like another baby makes a debut...and we "ain't got time for that." Hahaha!!

I love my little family. I love my husband. I'm reminded each day how lucky I am to be married to him. He's one in a million and I'm glad he's mine. ♥ 

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