Monday, May 20, 2013

The moods and phases of children

 Two things I'm dealing with right now. Emotional exhausting for both.

Suddenly, the oldest doesn't want to go to school anymore. He hates school. He's done with school. I told him this morning if he could give me 5 good reasons why he didn't want to go to school, then he could stay home. (I was secretly hoping my plan didn't backfire) He came up with two.
  • He doesn't want to go to 2nd grade...going to school now means that he will finish 1st grade and then he HAS TO GO TO 2nd grade. There's no stopping it.
  • 2nd grade is SO hard and they have homework every night.
Finally my direct orders of "Get dressed, and teeth brushed or I'm picking you up and making you go to school in your pajamas" got him in the vehicle. He wasn't happy about it, either. I always drop him off with a "Love you, be good today". He responded today with "Quit Talking to me" Grrrr!! I hope he's not as hateful at school. As a mom, you just go with it. You know your kids will say things that just cut to the quick. Believe me, I've said things similar to my parents. I knew it hurt them but I didn't realize how much a simple phrase would throw you off track. 

As for the 2nd thing I'm dealing Facebook status today sums it all up.

We've hit the "If you give me ____, I'll be your best friend" stage with Lily. Sadly, it's at the same time as the dreaded "NO" stage with Leia. Needless to say, neither child is amused with each other (and apparently, neither are best friends now). 
Well, Lily didn't get a chip from Leia but she did get an earful of NO's. I guess I need to teach Lily the value of friendship now...and to not give it up just for a perishable item ♥

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