Monday, May 6, 2013

Vocal, teeth, and school

Here we are...a new week and less than 4 weeks until Summer break for the big kids. Lord, help me!

Leia has become slightly vocal lately. Her favorite vocalizing actions are "NO" and screeching. Have I told y'all how much she has grown up in the past few weeks? All too fast. She can feed herself (and tries to feed others); she is a fabulous mess maker who has almost learned how to get out of her crib. And she has figured out door handles. Thankfully, she can't turn a door knob yet..thankfully.

We have another milestone met with by the middle child. Lily lost her 1st tooth. This was the official 1st tooth lost. She hasn't had her 2 front teeth for 2 years now because she fell and knocked them out way back when. So, needless to say, she is thrilled. The tooth fairy visited and left a dollar. I have pictures to share but I can't figure out why they won't load right now.

Dakota is doing testing for different subjects. The next two days, he is doing his Math test. We went over a little bit of what he missed on the last test and he feels pretty confident that he will do his best today.

I haven't blogged lately, so for those who don't follow me via Facebook, Dakota's room is finished. I even got the girls' room organized last week. Seasonal allergies really knocked me on my rear last week. Thankfully, they are doing better.

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