Monday, September 16, 2013

Behind the picture scene .... CHEESE!

Pictures snap that sweet "split second" memory.

Oft times, pictures portray life as Fabulous. Nobody is crying, clothes look superb, everyone loves get the idea. But remember it's just a split second captured forever.

I love taking pictures (in case you didn't
Now, take the pictures above...  Leia had snatched Lily's boots and was clomping through the house. I asked her "What are you doing?" She squeals and runs off. I grab the camera and caught this a few seconds before she was took a head over heels spill. Boots 4 sizes too big make for LOTS of (no followup pictures of this session)

The hammock picture...well, that took about 12 shots to get everyone cooperating, everyone smiling in the right direction, and everyone looking civil. The Sibling love is flowing here. But the next pictures are proof enough....

 Leia's about to kick Lily in the face 

well, this photo session is over!!  hahaha

Not everyone's life is sunshine and roses. There's rainy days--usually super stormy days--and days with thorns and plant fertilizer. Capture the good times, but make memories during the trying times.


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