Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*Happy Dance*

Craziness, but I'll take it!!
Little Chickie finally went pee pee in the potty. It's been a few months since we humored the idea of potty training her, and finally our first success!! Usually it would go like this ...
Chickie: "I pee pee" 
*ripping off ALL her clothes and running around the house, never to the potty. But she'd pee...somewhere.

This time, she's crouching in front of the TV and says "I gotta poopoo" I run her to the big potty, take her diaper off, and SUCCESS!!  To see her face when she saw the pee pee come out (I'm thinking she only learns by visual aids...lol) was priceless!! 
After, she looks at me and says "Wipe butt"  

Fabulous child I have, huh! 

She's not one for praise or the happy dance...probably because Mommy is a terrible dancer. She just wanted the candy. We called Grandma and Daddy. All Leia could talk about was "candy". 

Hoping for more potty success for Little Chickie ♥ 

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