Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little of this, little of that

Hmmm...so, what's been happening in our lives since my last posting??
It's been just over a week and I feel as if it's been FOREVER. The oldest was taken to the doctor due to a fever that continued to stick around. Our first z-pak of the season for the family was in order.
Middle child was on the mend from her potty issues at school. Come to find out, she's terrified of using the potty with the automatic flushers at school. I agree, their overzealous flushing can be somewhat intimidating. With the promise of going to the park or doing something fun, she has started using the potty at school (and not holding it all day!!) 
Our youngest is finding that she can be independent and she wants the whole world to know that. Lots of screeching and pure frustration coming from little Chickie lately. She's mastering lots of different things/actions/milestones, but not yet the milestone of using the potty. Oh, she loves the idea of running naked through the house; but she still hasn't gone tinkle in the potty. She'll get it soon *I hope*

I am currently preparing for her 2nd Birthday!! Can you believe she's about to 2 years old?? It seems like just yesterday, she was my screaming infant that wouldn't sleep through the night unless someone was holding her (I kinda felt like that was last night, too...lol) 

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