Monday, September 9, 2013


*beep beep beep, beep Beep BEEP*  
Alarm is going off reminding me that Life goes on. Sleep is put on hold until night fall (unless I can catch a quick nap while the baby is sleeping). I jump up to turn on the coffee maker, and grab a quick shower before the next alarm sounds. Success!! 

I then go in to wake up Dakota for school. He rolls over when the light is turned..normal reaction from him. Then he sits up and says "Wow, that was a weird dream. I was trying to escape from jail..." I reply, "Oh, really?! did you escape?" He says, " Of course, mom! I escaped the jail and then I was sitting on the moon and I farted *snickering* .... but don't worry, my dream before that was about Star Wars!" 

He cracks me up. What would life be without my typical little man. ♥ 

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