Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday afternoon naps

Remember those Sundays when it seems as if the world stops?
Everyone gets up and dresses in their Sunday best, then off to church, followed by home for a sit down dinner, and then afternoon naps. 
Why I never took advantage of those when I was younger, I'll never know. I can't get my kiddos to realize these are tiny gifts from God. They'll make you happier, which makes Mommy and Daddy happier. But they still don't get it.
I love nap time for me....hahaha!!
One day, I'm positive that the gratitude will kick in with the day.

Thankfully, the hubby enjoys playing video games on Sundays or watching football. So, he has free reign of the television while the children participate in "rest time". I think only the youngest takes an actual nap...and that's like pulling teeth to get her to go to sleep. I'm so grateful for the hubby. He lets me take a nap on Sundays (hallelujah!!) 

I ♥ naptime.

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