Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"these days"

My oldest is a thoughtful one. And he doesn't just stop at thinking about himself. He thinks of others as well. 
Today's conversation on the way home from school was about how he has received greens (good behavior color) every Tuesday since school has started. Then he proceeds to ask about the colors I got when I was in 2nd grade. His astonishment while I told him that we didn't go by colors was priceless. When mommy was growing up, the teacher would send a note home with our parents and we would most definitely receive a spanking for our misbehavior. And if we were really bad, the teacher or principal would call our parents and we would get a spanking at school. He thought this was rather absurd. Quietly he states: "I wish you were able to go to school during "these days"....not those days WAY back when. But did you get lots of spankings at school???" 
Haaahaha! "No, Dakota, I didn't. I was a good girl at school most of the time." 
The way he thinks things through is incredible. I love that little man. 

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