Sunday, September 8, 2013

Conglomeration of Rabbit Trails

It's been a few weeks since I last posted here. Starting a new schedule takes time, but we are thriving.

I'm trying to think of all the new things happening here. Leia is in a big girl bed full time now. We are working on potty training. She isn't showing much interest with it. We still haven't had any success with action on the usually ends up all over the house in different areas. I'm praying it will click SOON. Leia is enjoying having mommy all to herself during the school days. She gets to play, color, make trips to Target (our FAV), and swing. This past week, she helped paint. That was a chore. 

Lily is loving kindergarten. She is doing great. All greens for the last 2 weeks (all good days). She loves P.E., computer labs, and centers.  

Dakota is enjoying 2nd grade. His new favorite thing to do is experiments. He's learning how to tell you about them. He just sometimes gives away the answer as he starts presenting the experiment. To see his desire to learn more is awesome!! I love that he loves to learn about EVERYTHING. 

They say it's almost Fall. Just because there's pumpkin flavored lattes out, doesn't mean it's Fall. (but this doesn't stop me from drinking them)  For us, it's still the dog days of summer. Last week, only a couple of days with double digits; the rest were triple digit days...whew, HOT! It will be Fall in my book when A/C doesn't run all day. I'm ready for that first day of cool weather. The windows will be opened. It will be perfect. 
On a different note, my kids have started saving money towards their next vacation. They want to go to Michigan by way of Colorado and then through Indiana (the place Mommy went a month or two ago for the funeral) and then on to Michigan to see their cousins. Dakota held up a ten dollar bill. How far will this get us, Mom? 

I know, this posting is a conglomeration of rabbit trails. But I finally had the time just not all the witty inspiration. Don't worry, maybe something witty and jovial will hit me during those light night/early morning hours. Let's just hope I remember to type it all out :) Until then...enJoy!

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