Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Patient!

It's a double shot kind of day. I treated myself to a BIG coffee today. 

My love for my children is at an all-time high, but my patience...not so much.

My goal for 2014....Be Patient! 

-When the kids are climbing up the bunk beds and jumping off...ripping the curtains down in the process.
-When the screaming gets so high pitched, you're positive the whole neighborhood of dogs is on your front porch.
-When I finally get all plates made and set in front of the children only to realize, one plate has been pushed off the table to the floor.
-When a child strives to help mommy get drinks and dumps a fresh gallon of SWEET tea on the kitchen floor.
-When the youngest gets in touch with her monkey side and pulls furniture down on top of her.... oh Joy!!
-When I finally get a chance to get clean clothes on, and hugs are used as a cover to wipe their noses on Mommy. 

Yes, even during those times. I will strive to be Patient!

Counting helps me to get it together. Counting is one thing all 3 children are pretty good at. Leia can count to 8  .... Hahahahaha!! I wonder if we can get her counting to 20 soon.

-enJoy :)

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