Sunday, January 5, 2014

Patience with my patients ♥

Not even 5 days into the new year and I'm struggling with my patience resolution. Lately, the only way to recharge my patience is seeing my children sleeping.
Since my last post, the girls have been to the doctor and are both on antibiotics. It's not the flu (Thank you, God!) but it's bronchial....meaning liquids, rest, and breathing treatments are our best friends right now.

This mom just rocked a breathing treatment while said child was sleeping. She did wake up toward the end, but we got most of it done. When she's feeling lousy, she lets everyone know about it.  I'm hoping she gets to feeling better soon...she loves going to school and tomorrow is the 1st day back. She'll be home tomorrow, though :(

Little Chickie is doing a bit better. She's dealing with a small touch of bronchitis and a ruptured eardrum (painful..I've had this happen before). But she's seems to be coping with it rather long as I stay on top of her pain meds.

I know I could never be a nurse. My patience runs out simply quicker than others. So, pray for my patience with my patients.


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