Thursday, January 16, 2014

Literally, seconds of sanity

Oh sweet child of mine!
Yes, the one sweet sweet child that's currently eating (yes, EATING) the color pencils. It seems as if we have 1 minute of sweetness and then 4 minutes of "REALLLY?!?!"
It wasn't even 10 minutes ago that I heard a weird noise. I call out "What are you doing??" She responds with "brushing my teeth, Momma." Then I heard the toilet seat hit the back of the tank and a toothbrush plunged into the water. Fabulous!

I've started (just this week) to walking in the morning. I've found that if we take a least 10-15 minutes, it burns off enough of Little Chickie's energy so she will nap at an appropriate time. (meaning not while I'm cooking dinner or 1 hour before bedtime) I have ample benefits from our morning walks...extra energy, exercise, and a napping child. It's a win win win ;)

Today's walk wasn't as long as what we've been doing. Probably because Little Chickie was tired and wanted Mommy to carry her. Carrying a child while walking briskly burns more calories, right?! 

And for your enJoyment, here's a recent snapshot of the kiddos. To get the big kids to cooperate, I promised they could play the Wii if they'd sit for a picture together. See my results! Fabulous


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