Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sometimes..... I think of home. 
Not my current home where my husband and I are raising our children, but my childhood home. The area, people, and love I grew up around. My family ♥

You know it's time to head back "home" to see family when you see their look-a-likes driving down the road, waiting on the bus, or shopping at the store. Yes, I've seen a good number of my Florida family and friends...well, their look-a-likes, anyway.

I truly love my life here in East Texas. But some days, I'd love if my children could be around their grandparents. I see different characteristics of my parents/family in my children daily. It could be that this bout of homesickness is shining the spotlight on it, but it does help remind me of "home". 

I can't wait to visit with my family this summer. It's been since my Dad's heart procedure 1.5 yrs ago. I'm like a kid at Christmas thinking about our upcoming trip. *excited*

This was the last time Leia and I saw my dad....the day before his heart procedure. Leia has many of my dad's characteristics (I'd like to think that I passed them down to her from my facial expressions are outstanding..extraordinary. I could be having a craptastic day and what does she do? "Love you, Momma...Momma..Mom...MOOOOM!" all while doing her little raising of the eyebrows. I love that little girl. My dad has always had a way of making it fun to learn about everyday things. I've installed cabinets with him. Did I learn all about cabinets? not as much as I should. But I enjoyed holding his bottle of Coke Cola and just spending time with him.

Well, enough thinking of home. Now, I need to think about this home as it sounds like someone's ripping pages out of a book in the hallway.


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Marge Coleman said...

you are right! leia does have alot of dads characteristics..