Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"You see the hidden beauty"

Someone told me this recently "You see the hidden beauty."
I guess not everything HAS to be exactly what everyone else thinks it should be. 
I love taking walks and seeing different spider web patterns between tree branches. I enjoy the evening time....when the sun is setting, the birds are chirping, and sometimes the crickets start playing their songs. 

I never really thought about it like that. But give me a camera and it gives me the chance to show you how I see life. 

Yesterday, my sister and I took the kids to the park by the lake. My plan was to let the kids swing and then we'd go for a walk (they would ride their bikes) on the trail around the lake area. Well, that happened and more. The kids wanted to check out the bank. Then they started picking up driftwood and making a dam. Sooner than later, they were stepping feet first into the lake...with shoes ON! I know, I should have stopped it right then and there. But the kids were happy. They were so content using their imaginations. One was intent on making a dam while another was looking for worms and yet another was building a "bridge" to walk out into the lake. Crazy how children's minds work. They all see things from their own unique point of view.

The next thing that happened on this incredibly warm January day, the shoes came off...as well as socks. The sand was warm. The children then started burying their feet in the sand. 
Memories were definitely made yesterday. I'm glad I let them just be kids. Given my van is covered in sand, but for now, I will see it as a reminder of the memories, the good times, and their creative imaginations.

Find something today and really SEE IT! See the good!