Monday, February 25, 2008

The latest news on Lily and her surgery

Hello all! Well--not good news :( Lily didn't gain any weight today--she was 9 lbs and 2.1 oz today. They changed her formula to Alimentum and they upped her concentration (27 calories to 1oz of formula) She is taking it pretty good. They upped her to 25 ml and no far. She seems happier on this formula than the other. She was talking to me today and she has been sleeping better.
She had to have her feeding tube taken out and replaced with a new one because the old one was getting stopped up. She's a trooper!! When I left the hospital this evening, she was "talking" to Grandma...I'm heading back up there after a quick shower, some clean clothes, and just a little me time.
Here is an update also. The surgery will not be moved up; it is still scheduled for March 6. We will continue to be at our local hospital (GSMC) until Monday. Monday afternoon/evening, we will be discharged and then we will drive to Dallas and Lily will be admitted to Medical City Children's Hospital for evaluations and pre-op for her upcoming surgery (Thursday).

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