Friday, February 1, 2008

Let go....and Let GOD!

So most don't know that we are not only struggling emotionally with what is going on with Lily, but we are also struggling financially. We found out about 2 wks before the heart murmur was found that we had missed our 30 day grace period to add Lily to our insurance...due to a communication problem, we missed it by 2 days. So when we found out that Lily had a heart murmur and they wanted to do an echo of her heart and then send her on to Dallas for further observation...we were so scared and worried about Lily in addition to knowing that we didn't have insurance. So in the past 2 weeks, i have been on the phone calling and appealing the addition to signing up for any means of financial assistance. I applied for CHIPs (children's insurance plans). It is given by the state depending on your income, etc. And we would only have to pay small copays for the CHIPs.
Since applying for the CHIPs, I have been calling to check on the status of our case...and today, they tell me that they have forwarded our case to Medicaid...because Lily will probably (it's not for sure yet) be covered through Medicaid. That would mean that we wouldn't have to pay a cent for Lily's surgery, hospital stay, nothing...and they would go back and cover any bills for the last the 3 months. I was almost crying as the representative was telling me this...What a burden that has been lifted off our already heavy shoulders.
**If Lily doesnt qualify for Medicaid, we still have the financial assistance from CHIPs**

I know this was God's way of letting me know "that all things work together for good"....We were so frustrated when we found out she was denied insurance coverage...but God had a reason...He didnt want us to have to worry about the finance part at all. He wanted our full attention given to Lily and her recovery without our worrying about money. I guess we just need to let go, and Let God.

Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming...Lily is having a good day today...she has already eaten 8 oz of formula and the day isnt even over yet...Im so happy that she is eating...if she keeps it up, then we definitely wont have to go the route of a feeding tube.

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The Coleman Family said...

i am here for you when you need me! i love you and love that you are being soooo strong through all of this! please let me know what i can do to help out with anything... i am just a phone call away! by the way dakota can stay here when you go back to dallas.. ♥