Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Up to 9lbs and 4 oz

Today was a long day. As soon as Jed got to the hospital, I told him i had to get out of there for awhile. Lily slept all day--literally only woke up for me to change her diaper and for them to check her vitals. I was so bored and my body ached from just sitting around all day...geez! you'd think id would enjoy sitting around all day.
Lily gained some weight...she is now 9 lbs and 4 oz...I'm so happy. They took out her IV last night, so now she only has her feeding tube and nothing else. She seems happier, but she has so much congestion in her nose. They say it is from the irritation of the feeding tube. So I'm always sucking her nose out with the bulb syringe--which she has come to hate. And she has a bad cough...but her lungs are clear. they said the cough is from the drainage and from the tube hitting the back of her throat--the gag reflex.
The pediatrician said that i could give Lily whatever by mouth if she wanted it. So today, I let Lily have a few swallows from a bottle and she eagerly ate it up...she sounded like a little piggy eating...lol I didn't let her eat too much because i didn't want her throwing up again...but Lily seemed to enjoy what she got and content.So that was my day--I'm hoping tomorrow for a great weigh in! I'll let you all know!


"Grammy" Sue B said...

HURRAY LILYANN!*!*! Prayers are answered, God gets the glory, and Lily gets (((BIG HUGS))).
Joy, I think I mentioned to you about our Pastor's wife having triplets that were on feeding tubes. Alicia told me she put a pacifier in baby's mouth when the "food" was given so baby would get the connection between "food" and sucking. It worked for them, so I thought I'd pass the info on to you. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH....
Aunt Sue


Backup is coming!! I mailed the Patch the Pirate CD's today. They should reach you shortly. Dakota will not be the only one to take delight in listening. You will enjoy hearing the stories also. I know I do. I practically know all of them by heart. You should take the CD player to the hospital if they allow it so little Lily can listen too.

We keep the prayers coming at our house. I wish we could be there with you. Continue to hold fast to the loving Savior. He will shelter you with His mighty wings of grace.

Jeremiah 20:9