Monday, February 11, 2008

Our long weekend to Corpus Christi, TX...

Jed's best friend (Matt) got married on February Corpus Christi, TX. With Jed being one of the best men, we all went to the wedding. It wasn't that long of a drive..8 hours...and the kids were really good. We only had to stop 2 times for gas/diaper changes/food.

We took Dakota to some sites while in Corpus...The USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. Dakota had an awesome time.

Even though, the trip was for a wedding (which the wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for the bride and groom~~Matt and Sarah) we had an enjoyable time, just relaxing and taking in some sites. The pictures posted are from our trip.

Lily did pretty good on the trip. She has her good days and bad days...but all in all, she is doing well. We are still trying to get her to eat more...we aren't sure how much weight she has gained since the last time; since we havent had an official weigh in...just the weigh in from our scale. Please continue to pray...our next visit to the heart specialist is a little more than a week away (Feb. 21st) ...we are hoping to get more information on what all is happening with Lily.

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Vida said...

Joy, I'm so glad you were able to take a little "vacation" together. The pictures are adorable, as always!
You are in our prayers.
Much Love,