Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pray, Pray, Pray

We took Lily to the dr...she wasnt eating like she should be...So the ped. admitted her... did blood work and hooked her up to an IV...they want her to gain weight..she was 8 lbs and 14 oz when we checked into the hospital...she was losing weight.

im home getting clothes and have at the hospital. We are still at our local hospital. All the labs came back negative which is good, but still doesnt tell us why she wont eat. She is doing good...we tried a bottle and she took almost 2 oz..which is excellent. the pediatrician says that we will more than likely be staying in the hospital until Monday...after that, if no improvement or not adequate improvement...we will be transferred to Dallas...and they will see about moving up her surgery. So that is what we are looking at right...will know more tomorrow..Continue to pray.

I'll try to post as i can...


tewcrewmom said...

We'll be praying SC. Sarah and the Tew Crew

"Grammy" Sue B said...

Sad news, but we are glad that Lilyann is getting the medical attention she so needs. Please tell her we love her and are praying for God's holy angels to fill her room. Do you have help with Dakota? Kiss him for me too. We are so sorry this is all happening, but you are so right...Romans 8:28!!!
Love, Aunt Sue and Uncle Millard