Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A post of thoughts from the last few days

It's Wednesday...but no way back when for me....this week.

Monday night, Jed took all of the pictures off our computer and put them on a portable hard drive. The computer runs oh-so-much faster!! I love it.

Today, started out early. The kids crawling into bed with me to watch cartoons.

Lily finally slept more than 3 hours....which let me sleep a bit longer. THANK GOD!

I have been so exhausted lately....and that doesn't help when the kids want to bicker. I don't know how my mom did it with 8 kids. I am losing my mind with just 2.

But hey! that's life...and I know myself and my siblings used to wonder Mom always said, " Y'all are getting on my last nerve."

I am hoping that this too shall pass. That the kids will start sleeping better and cut back on the bickering.

One highlight to the last few days...was last night. My favorite TV show, LOST, is back on. It is the Final Season, but hey! that means they have to answer all the questions that has us all "LOST".

I did get a few pictures of the kids outside yesterday afternoon. It was a nice afternoon...and I let the kids take full advantage of getting out of my hair.

Dakota....the infamous stump picture

Lilyann...finally smiling


Heather said...

Love that picture of Lilyann!

I was so excited, yet so confused by last night's episode!

Annie said...

Life have some great days and other day not so much but, we are healthy and have a beautiful family. (I'm feeling like you this week).

Have a nice day dear friend.