Monday, February 22, 2010

Makes My Monday: Fever free Family was sitting here trying to think of what to post...I need to post something. It has been since Thursday and nothing. The kids have been sick....wonderful walking pneumonia. Dakota is back to his usual self...The antibiotics seemed to work wonders for him. For Lily though...she is a bit behind. She couldn't keep her antibiotics down the first night...but she is now done with her antibiotics...and fever free!! woohoo! (that's a Monday maker)

Yesterday, we went and voted...early voting. I didn't know that they had voting on Sunday..but that's fine. I wanted to do the early voting anyway..and get it out of the way. Dakota asked on the way there..."Where are we going?" and I said, "To Vote." And he says, "What?" I reply with.."To Vote. We are telling them who we want to tell us what to do." (the first thing that came to my Then Grandma says that he might use that on us one day..when we tell him something to do...he will be "wait, let's vote on that."

Jed and I (thanks to Grandma) got an evening out with friends. We went bowling with 2 other couples...had lots of fun. I found out I am out of shape when it comes to bowling. But still had a good time.

And here are some pictures of the up times since Thursday with the kids...This was after Kota was fever free and before the fever happened with Miss Lily.

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Heather said...

Yay for fever free! We are finally starting to turn the corner here too. Ick... winter.

I'm running a giveaway all week long. You and your readers are welcome to enter!

Annie said...

Yeah, fever free family!!

So glad everyone is feeling better.

Have a nice week.

Cheryl Lage said...

Here's hoping your crew stays well! Hooray for being fever-free---that CERTAINLY Makes My Monday!

Stay well, and thank you for playing along!