Monday, February 1, 2010

Makes My Monday: Kiddos and Coffee

Kota man

Miss Lilyann

My kiddos and Coffee...Make My Monday.

Today is definitely a pajama day. I just want to crawl back under the covers and sleep the day away. But the, they won't allow that.

Lily seems to be back to normal...after her being sick over the weekend. Her and Kota are playing the Scooby Doo plug n play right now. Well, she is watching Kota play.

This weekend was a calm one (minus the sick part). Jed and I met up with a friend and went fishing....the only things we caught Saturday morning were fishing lines, stumps, and fishing poles. It was a freezing 31 degrees while we were out fishing...and I could have sworn that I saw snow flurries while out there.

Me...I was freezing cold!!!

After our fishing trip, Jed and Kota went with Grandma to the RV, Boat, and Camping Show. Lily and I stayed home and napped.

Sunday consisted of Lily and myself at home from church. Lily had been running a fever after throwing up and didn't sleep but a few winks on Saturday night, so I opted to keep her home. I thought for sure...she would take a morning nap...but no! she was up and going. She followed me all over the house while I did laundry, folded clothes, and worked on getting lunch ready for when the guys got home from church. And even after all of that, she was still wide awake.

Lily finally crashed last night around 6 pm....which made for an early Monday morning today.

I am already on cup #2 of coffee. Hopefully, the caffeine will kick in soon.

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freckletree. said...

lucky you for the kiddo feeling better.

still waiting for mine . . .

but i am made of patience right? patience and alcohol.

Annie said...

Lovely pictures.

Have a wonderful week.

Grilled Cheese said...

Good grief, I hope everyone has fully recovered!

I wanted to stay in bed today too, but probably for very different reasons. Either way, 7am came much too quickly.