Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our East Texas Snow Day

It's been awhile since our last snow day here in East Texas....The last time it REALLY snowed (that I remember) was February 14, 2004...the Valentine's Day before Jed and I got married. That was the day that I made my first snow angel.

It has sputtered some snow here and there since more time I remember is March 7, 2008. It snowed...and stuck for just a short while...enough to show up in pictures.

Kota in the backyard running to his swingset~~2008

Kota and Lily...their 1st snow day..March 7, 2008

Well, today....February 11, 2010....It has snowed again!! and it's still snowing. The kids and I went outside and played in the snow...Now, that Kota is older...He knows what to do with accumulated snow...he throws it!!

Kota jumping on the snow on the trampoline

Kota man ATTACKS!!!

Lily was a recipient

1 comment:

Heather said...

I have had my fill of the snow! Bring on spring!

Cute pics, though!