Monday, February 8, 2010

Makes My Monday: Pile of Leaves

Lilyann...early Saturday morning...and this look was even after a few donuts!

Lily...standing behind the pile of was a BIG one!

Kota jumping in the pile of leaves...he had so much fun!!

This past weekend while it was snowing on the east coast....Here in Texas, we had beautiful weather...sometimes a bit overcast...but nonetheless, it was nice. Saturday morning...was a planned day to rake the yard and take down the Christmas lights. Yes! we still have a Christmas lights up...and we finally took them down the weekend before Valentine's Day....but hey! at least they are down.

I never realized how much raking can use all the different muscles in your body. By evening time, I was one sore momma. Ouch! Kota had fun jumping in the pile of leaves...Lily, not so much.

Our Saturday was a quiet one....we were home bodies this weekend.

Donuts, yard work, Movies, grilling out, and then a quick visit at Grandma's..where Dakota practiced his puzzle skills. He has really become a great puzzle putter together.

Makes My Monday....remembering the time spent with Family.

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Nancy said...

That is one big pile of leaves!! Wow. Looks like Kota had tons of fun though! :)

monica said...

That is a huge pile of leaves especially for February! Awesome that you had great weather! Lilyann looks like a morning person!

Cheryl Lage said...

Lilyann's post-donut surly expression SOOO Makes My Monday! TOOOOO adorable! That's a keeper for sure. :)

Thanks so much for playing along!