Thursday, February 4, 2010

quiet times

I popped out my blog playlist...listening to the relaxing music.

I am on Jed's laptop...a bit different than my massive desktop. Lily is napping. Dakota is watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. All is calm and quiet.

You can hear the rain drizzling off the house and the dryer running...not to mention, the relaxing piano music...and faint sounds of cartoons from the living room.

I am doing a system restore on the desktop. I "thought" that I needed to upgrade my browser! I didn't. It loaded and made the computer run oh-so-much slower...and loaded about 4 more toolbars...definitely confusing.

So, the picture above is one of the few pictures that Jed has on his laptop. It a picture of our family. Taken last year....when we to West Texas.

1 comment:

Annie said...

The picture is beautiful. Hope you could finish the process on your computer.

Enjoy the weekend.