Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's so close, I can smell it!

Vacation is Friday...and yes! I have already started packing...well, I did a trial run of packing the kids' stuff...I tend to be an over packer sometimes...I just want to make sure that I have EVERYTHING!!!

So, right now, it kinda looks like we are living out of suitcases, but we aren't...I am slowing packing this and that...making lists of what to still pick up before we leave on our trip....and getting everything in order for while we are gone.

Busy, busy, busy here.

The kids are getting more excited. A Box arrived for Aunt Tammie this past Wednesday...Dakota is ready for Aunt Tammie to be here. She is flying here and then helping me drive to our destinations...since Jed still has to work one more week...and then he will fly to Florida after he is off work the following Friday. Vacation is so close...I can smell it!! hahaha....the sandy beaches, the forever smell of sunscreen...seeing the Spanish moss hanging from the trees...real palm trees!! Can you tell that this momma is excited to go to Florida??!!?? I lived there for 15 years before moving away to attend college in Texas...and then I fell in LOVE...and I've been here ever since.

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Annie said...

I really hope you have a great vacation. Enjoy every single minute, you deserve it.