Friday, June 11, 2010


The rain has stopped...for here in East Texas. It wasn't too severe...just a nice steady rain with a few thunderstorms. Lily can now say, "thunder".

Today was our first time out....we attempted to get to the park on Wednesday, but the rain beat us there. It was incredibly humid...but the sun was out!

We explored the area around the park...we saw bugs, ants, flowers, birds, and butterflies. It was neat hearing all the birds chirping back and forth to each other.

My perceptive young man, Dakota, informed me of this last week. That there is no flag at our gym. Our gym is on the same road as a high school, some banks, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. So, on the way to the gym one day, Dakota spouts out, "there is not a flag at the gym." I was thinking...what? He starts pointing out flags as we go down the road.."There's one!" "you see that one, Mommy?" And then we pull up...and I realize...Dakota is flag. So we called Grandma and "informed" her. I's not that big of a deal..but for a 4 year old to realize that? wow!! Very perceptive.
So...on the way home from the park today, I saw this flag waving in the breeze and I had to take a picture!

~That's MY flag...Waving in the breeze!~

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Happy Sunday!!!