Monday, June 21, 2010

Makes My Monday: Fun-Filled Father's Day


This weekend was so much fun!!! I enjoy family-fun-filled weekends. Saturday, we took the kids to see Toy Story 3...Wonderful movie. A bit scary at times...and a bit least for this momma. I guess it's because I see it happening as my kids grow up. But none the less, GREAT MOVIE!! I give it 5 Stars.

Saturday night, Jed went fishing with a friend....this night fishing is really paying off. My freezer is once again stocked with fish!

2 of the bigger fish that he caught!

Sunday was just a relaxing day with family. We went to church and Jed and Lily were in the baby parade. This is Jed's last year, because Lily will move out of the nursery in November (her 3rd birthday...can't believe she's gonna be 3) just spectating for the baby parade for now.

Jed introducing Lily for the Baby Parade

After church...while Jed cleaned the fish, the kids and I played in the pool and soaked up some sun. Fun times!! Dakota found out that he could jump from the trampoline into the my shocking surprise...but I guess I should be more surprised that it took Daredevil Kota this long to figure that out.

Right before the water action starts

Daredevil Kota

After our outdoor fun, we came inside to rest...and rest we did. For the 1st time in a LONG time, the entire family took afternoon naps...which turned into Evening naps. We slept through Evening service at church...which made for a late night for the kids....after sleeping so late, they didn't want to go to bed at their regular bedtime. But it's okay...every once in a while....we were making memories.

Wonderful Father's Day Weekend makes My Monday...what makes yours?
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Cheryl Lage said...

How adorable! You can tell all are having just the best time! :)

Father's Day fun is ABSOLUTELY a Monday Maker! Thanks so much for playing along.

Annie said...

What a great day you had.