Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Guess what Miss Lily did??

She finally participated in all activities at Mom and Tot class today!! woohoo!!

When we first started taking Lily to Mom and Tot class, it was in April...while school was still in session for most kids. So, it was usually one-on-one with Lily and the trainer, Miss Emily. We called her Lily's personal trainer.
Now, since School is out, Mother's Day out is finished til the Fall...More kids have been attending. At first, Lily wasn't too fond of "sharing her personal trainer"...but she was slowly warming up to the new kids. Today, Lily ran from star to star, hopped through the hula hoops, and actually crawled through the tunnel!! and she had a good time doing it!

Her favorite activity is playing popcorn with the big parachute....see picture above.

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